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Debian + Home automation packages

Dear mentors,

I'm looking for someone that would be interested in sponsoring a number
of packages related to home automation:


Though it is described to run on armel; I've ran it on arm, mips,
powerpc, i386 and amd64 too (etch, lenny, sid, openwrt and custom uclibc
embedded systems).

I have this particular system and configuration up and running for quite
some months and since Marvell seems to actively push this application
domain forward in their latest press release about the plug computer;
I thought it'd be best to bite the bullet and get it in Debian.
eibd-server and eibd-clients have been running for 2 years on Debian
based systems.

All but one ITPs are in place (pthsem).

I've been maintaining a number of debian packages for over 10 years now,
mostly in combination with a dedicated sponsor. Please reply to me in
Cc, since I am no longer subscribed to the list itself.

  greetz, marc
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