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Re: RFS: acetoneiso

>> May I ask something? From the mails I received it seems that the changes
>> file uploaded was the amd64 one. Shouldn't it be the source file and
>> targeting all architectures?
>> Sorry,  if I missed something in the whole procedure but it is my first
>> package that gets sponsored and I don't know exactly how the whole
>> things works exactly.
> If I sponsor a package from you, you give me the source, I will check
> and build it. If everything is fine, I am uploading the source with my
> builded binarys.
> If you package is accepted from ftp-masters (now it is in the NEW queue,
> because it is binary/source new) the buildd network will build your
> package on all other architectures and upload them to the archive.

OK, it is clear now. Thanks again!


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