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Re: RFS: capstats

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 07:53:54PM +1300, Paul Wise wrote:
> Some comments on your package:
> You can basically strip all the comment and blank lines from the watch file.


> You shouldn't need debian/manpages since upstream already installs the
> manual page.

Done - was left over from the earlier version

> If you build the package twice in a row the following extra files end
> up in the diff.gz:
> capstats-0.12/config.h.in
> capstats-0.12/aclocal.m4
> capstats-0.12/configure
> capstats-0.12/Makefile.in

ah.. I've been using git-buildpackage with a separate build area so I never
noticed this.  Is the correct fix for this to just override dh clean and rm
these files?

> configure warning:
> configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-maintainer-mode

Still looking into this one. dh passes that by default.. I know I can override
dh to not pass that, but I'm wondering why the default dh options are causing
warnings in the first place.

> dpkg-shlibdeps complaint:
> dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: dependency on libgcc_s.so.1 could be avoided
> if "debian/capstats/usr/sbin/capstats" were not uselessly linked
> against it (they use none of its symbols).

Looked into this, not really sure how to fix it. I found this thread
but I'm still working through it..

> lintian complaints:

Grr!  I'm doing something wrong here.. I setup a sid cowbuilder, but it seems
that cowbuilder doesn't run lintian as part of the build process.  I installed
lintian from lenny-backports but that doesn't have any of the below warnings
either.  I can setup a sid chroot/vm/box, but I was hoping to be able to just
use cowbuilder for this. Is there a way to get cowbuilder to run litian?  I
think maybe I'm going about this workflow all wrong.

> P: capstats source: direct-changes-in-diff-but-no-patch-system Makefile.am
I switched to the new source version thing with quilt

> W: capstats source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.7.3 (current is 3.8.3)

> P: capstats: no-upstream-changelog
there used to be one.. will find out what happened to it.

> P: capstats: copyright-refers-to-symlink-license usr/share/common-licenses/GPL
updated to refer to gpl-2

> I: capstats: copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright

> I: capstats: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man8/capstats.8.gz:37
fixed, will send upstream

> I: capstats: possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration
TODO.  I think now that the manpage exists, the README files don't need to be
installed since the content is the same. 

CC Replies :-)

-- Justin Azoff
-- Security & Network Performance Analyst

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