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[no subject] Re: "daily" d-i builds "Official" netinst CD images -- feedback appreciated? "Uploaders" suggestion 8139too in sarge-business-card Re: [Devel] Debian installer: "Almost all floppies use FAT32"?! (not FAT12?) Re: [important] CVS-generated email shouldn't go here Add udeb_include file for the netinst CD Re: Adding uniq/'sort -u' and sleep to busybox-udeb? anna_0.026_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.027_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.44_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.019_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.020_i386.changes ACCEPTED boot problems with asus cuv266-d mainboard bootdisks r2.2 booting KERNEL Bug#103216: marked as done (spanish template file [ethdetect 0.10]) Bug#108539: marked as done (ethdetect: Brazilian portuguese (pt_BR) debconf template translation) Bug#129988: #129988: boot-floppies: secure install with a password? Bug#148785: Sun4c tftpboot confirmed broken Bug#152152: boot-floppies: bf2.4 kernel may need an (security) update Bug#154788: marked as done (boot-floppies, release notes give incorrect advice to ssh users, and attempt to subvert the package maintainer) Bug#161219: install-doc: unclear instructions on PCMCIA network card configuration Bug#162429: resolved? Bug#172828: mklibs : problem on mips Bug#173865: Bug 173865 reproduced Bug#178988: anna: list of alternatives longer than screen Bug#178988: marked as done (anna: list of alternatives longer than screen ) Bug#179000: marked as done (shouldn't prompt for modules belonging to wrong kernel versions) Bug#180772: marked as done (default to manual if autodetection fails) Bug#182357: marked as done (choose-mirror fails when called for the second time) Bug#182422: anna: packages without menu-item should be full installed Bug#183369: marked as done (languagechooser: Should use kernel params if present) Bug#184582: marked as done (cdebconf/newt: Clears screen when skipping questions) Bug#184835: marked as done (anna: Should sort the list of available udebs) Bug#185014: cdebconf mangles strings with consecutive spaces Bug#185114: marked as done (rootskel: apt-install ignores proxy settings) Bug#186413: marked as done (cdebconf: Questions with q->next != NULL fail when asked twice) Bug#187135: grub-installer: Fail if /boot/ is separate partition Bug#187654: boot-floppies: network/diskless installation is broken Bug#187822: a question... Bug#187822: kbd-choose: keymap list should be sorted Bug#187822: marked as done (kbd-chooser: keymap list should be sorted) Bug#187855: anna: segfaults when called for the second time Bug#187855: marked as done (anna: segfaults when called for the second time) Bug#187891: marked as done (s390-netdevice: priority difference in package override file) Bug#187891: s390-netdevice: priority difference in package override file Bug#187892: marked as done (s390-dasd: priority difference in package override file) Bug#187892: s390-dasd: priority difference in package override file Bug#187960: acknowledged by developer (Bug#187960: fixed in rootskel 0.25) Bug#187960: marked as done (rootskel fails to build from source on arm/m68k) Bug#187960: rootskel fails to build from source on arm/m68k Bug#188010: marked as done (partitioner_0.01(unstable/sparc): broken build-depends and/or architecture: line) Bug#188010: partitioner_0.01(unstable/sparc): broken build-depends and/or architecture: line Bug#188033: kbd-chooser: keymap list should be sorted Bug#188033: marked as done (kbd-chooser: Passing incorrect KBD to base-config) Bug#188043: cdebconf-udeb: Unable to handle long multiselect lists Bug#188147: rootskel: Missing chinese and other console glyphs Bug#188209: kernel-installer: no error message when it fail to install the kernel Bug#188209: marked as done (kernel-installer: no error message when it fail to install the kernel) Bug#188243: Change the interface to the progress bars Bug#188323: (unstable/m68k) partitioner_0.02 fails to build - missing build-deps Bug#188323: marked as done ((unstable/m68k) partitioner_0.02 fails to build - missing build-deps) Bug#188380: mklibs should use RPATH information Bug#188710: cdebconf-newt-udeb: Multi-page question should have a 'back' button Bug#188865: FTBFS: current cvs checkout doesn't build Bug#189026: debconf protocol gobbles whitespace Bug#189054: ethdetect fails to load module for eepro100 Bug#189054: marked as done (ethdetect: looks for eepro100 kernel module instead of e100) Bug#189058: base-installer segfaults during install Bug#189058: marked as done (base-installer segfaults during install) Bug#189058: sending this to debootstrap Bug#189309: id: unknown user name: 0 Bug#189311: marked as done (debootstrap segfaults in just_get() during d-i install) Bug#189808: marked as done (netcfg: In initial install ifconfig is used, but only ip is in busybox any more) Bug#189808: netcfg: In initial install ifconfig is used, but only ip is in busybox any more Bug#190003: FHS problem Bug#190340: debian-30r1-s390-binary-1.iso Bug#190358: Additional info.. Bug#190397: main-menu: please include support for hiding menuitems Bug#190644: floppy-retriever - use /proc/modules instead of lsmod Bug#190937: Unsafe use of asprintf () in anna Bug#191046: modconf: AGP misspelled in templates Bug#191048: modconf: Minor changes to Swedish template Bug#191079: cdebconf-newt-udeb: visual indication of question/information type Bug#191108: kbd-chooser: Wrong variable name in content passed to base-config Bug#191108: marked as done (kbd-chooser: Wrong variable name in content passed to base-config) Bug#191216: please remove package disk-detect Bug#191292: kbd-chooser: segfault while loading german keyboard Bug#84986: marked as done (german templates file [patch]) Bug#95653: marked as done (german template file [niccfg-manual 0.01]) Bug#95727: marked as done ([update] ethdetect: dutch template file) build-installer_0.0.001_i386.changes is NEW build-installer_0.0.001_i386.changes REJECTED build-installer_0.0.002_i386.changes is NEW build-installer_0.0.002_i386.changes REJECTED build/Makefile Building d-i as a package Re: Building d-i as a package; sig provlems Bunch of template translations into spanish busybox-cvs_0.60.99.cvs20030426-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED busybox-cvs_0.60.99.cvs20030426-1_i386.changes is NEW Cannot install sig CD Image typo cdebconf always falling back to English? cdebconf override disparity cdebconf_0.35_i386.changes ACCEPTED cdebconf_0.36_i386.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-detect_0.17_i386.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-detect_0.18_i386.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-detect_0.19_i386.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-detect_0.20_i386.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-retriever_0.07_i386.changes ACCEPTED Chaos and Damnation! Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/build by mckinstry Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/build/debian by mckinstry Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/doc by mckinstry Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/tools/languagechooser/debian/po by pere Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/tools/netcfg/debian by sjogren Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/tools/partconf/debian/po by jfs d-i & IBM CHRP testing Re: d-i - Automated installs d-i CVS acitivity report dbootstrap exited with an error (return value 1) ddetect_0.23_i386.changes ACCEPTED ddetect_0.24_i386.changes ACCEPTED ddetect_0.24_i386.changes is NEW ddetect_0.24_i386.changes REJECTED ddetect_0.25_i386.changes ACCEPTED Debian - Woody debian question Re: debian won't boot: Inspiron 600m, Windows XP dualboot debian-boot be young debian-boot@LISTS.DEBIAN.ORG, An Earnhardt Commemorative First debian-installer - anna wastes time debian-installer - final use of busybox-cvs debian-installer - floppy-retriever, lsmod debian-installer - fstab generation debian-installer-utils template translation into spanish debian-installer-utils_0.20_i386.changes ACCEPTED debootstrap question Re: Discover 1.5-2 pre-release available Discover 2.x brief tutorial disk-detect_0.15_i386.changes ACCEPTED disk-detect_0.16_i386.changes ACCEPTED disk-detect_0.17_i386.changes ACCEPTED drop the gtk frontend, use gnewt instead? ethdetect - module name mismatch a few bugs... Fixed in NMU of base-installer 0.020 Fixing #185014 (cdebconf mangles consecutive spaces) floppy-retriever_0.04_i386.changes ACCEPTED Get 3 Free Panties Now from Frederick's of Hollywood grub-installer_0.0.8_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: gtk frontend home page Hardware requirments: Do we need Math Emulation in the i386 kernel ? How should we handle translations in languagechooser? HOW TO INSTALL DEBIAN ON A BLANK (JUST ASSEMBLED) MACHINE RE: how to install debian.... HW detection done right? Install on as disk that will reside on another ide channel after install Install report (2003-04-30) Install report testing 26apr03 netinstall images Installation installation attempt with latest netinst installation failure on nforce2 chipset Re: Is it wise to use discover in d-i? kbd-chooser_0.018_i386.changes ACCEPTED kbd-chooser_0.19_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: kernel-image-2.4.20-udeb: please include e100 and e1000 nic drivers languagechooser_0.018_i386.changes ACCEPTED languagechooser_0.019_i386.changes ACCEPTED lilo with debconf looking for a co-maintainer for base-config main-menu_0.026_i386.changes ACCEPTED main-menu_0.027_i386.changes ACCEPTED main-menu_0.028_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Making d-i Not Suck Re: Making netinst CDs Not Suck missing I in i386 mklibs -L mklibs_0.1.10_i386.changes ACCEPTED Module Problems Moving d-i to discover2. (Was: Discover 1.5-2 pre-release available) Net image far too big Re: net image full Network install from floppy - stuck :( newt frontend: Asian chars and line-drawing chars working OT: initrd / change root fs partitioner_0.01_i386.changes ACCEPTED partitioner_0.02_i386.changes ACCEPTED partitioner_0.03_i386.changes ACCEPTED pcnet32 Pentium 75 Please help ! prebaseconfig_0.027_i386.changes ACCEPTED Problem : Kernel panic : VSF : Unable to mount root fs on 03 : 41 Problems adding syncmail to the debian-boot CVS repository problems booting debian on Dell Inspiron 600m Processed: #188043 fixed in CVS Processed: Changing my mail address Processed: Correct some titles Processed: Fixed in NMU of base-installer 0.020 Processed: modified patch in CVS Processed: Re: Bug#161219: install-doc: unclear instructions on PCMCIA network card configuration Processed: Re: Bug#187855: anna: segfaults when called for the second time Processed: RE: Bug#187960 acknowledged by developer (Bug#187960: fixed in rootskel 0.25) Processed: Re: Bug#188865: FTBFS: current cvs checkout doesn't build Processed: Re: Bug#189054: ethdetect fails to load module for eepro100 Processed: Re: Bug#190358: Installation problems with the 3.0r1 woody distribution... Processed: reassign 187486 to boot-floppies Processed: sending this to debootstrap Processing of autopartkit_0.44_i386.changes Processing of base-installer_0.019_i386.changes Processing of base-installer_0.020_i386.changes Processing of build-installer_0.0.001_i386.changes Processing of build-installer_0.0.002_i386.changes Processing of cdebconf_0.35_i386.changes Processing of cdebconf_0.36_i386.changes Processing of cdrom-detect_0.17_i386.changes Processing of cdrom-detect_0.18_i386.changes Processing of cdrom-detect_0.19_i386.changes Processing of cdrom-detect_0.20_i386.changes Processing of ddetect_0.23_i386.changes Processing of ddetect_0.24_i386.changes Processing of ddetect_0.25_i386.changes Processing of disk-detect_0.15_i386.changes Processing of disk-detect_0.16_i386.changes Processing of disk-detect_0.17_i386.changes Processing of grub-installer_0.0.8_i386.changes Processing of kbd-chooser_0.018_i386.changes Processing of kbd-chooser_0.19_i386.changes Processing of languagechooser_0.018_i386.changes Processing of languagechooser_0.019_i386.changes Processing of main-menu_0.026_i386.changes Processing of main-menu_0.027_i386.changes Processing of main-menu_0.028_i386.changes Processing of partitioner_0.02_i386.changes Processing of partitioner_0.03_i386.changes Processing of prebaseconfig_0.027_i386.changes Processing of rootskel_0.23_i386.changes Processing of rootskel_0.24_i386.changes Processing of rootskel_0.25_i386.changes Processing of rootskel_0.26_i386.changes Processing of rootskel_0.27_i386.changes Processing of rootskel_0.28_i386.changes RAID in Debian Redusing the list of selectable languages Request for comments: build-installer Re: Requesting adoption of some packages. rootskel_0.23_i386.changes ACCEPTED rootskel_0.24_i386.changes ACCEPTED rootskel_0.25_i386.changes ACCEPTED rootskel_0.26_i386.changes ACCEPTED rootskel_0.27_i386.changes ACCEPTED rootskel_0.28_i386.changes ACCEPTED rootskel_0.28_i386.changes is NEW sarge-business-card net installer image halts sid 12 Avril 2003 CD 1 iso is broken The last update was on 06:03 GMT Sun Apr 14. 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