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Re: Hardware requirments: Do we need Math Emulation in the i386 kernel ?

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> wrote:
> * Glenn McGrath 
> | Math Emulation adds 28kB to the size of the kernel, this would be a
> | good savings if we can get it.
> [...]
> | Comments ?
> Sounds good with me, I guess a wishlist bug against the kernel udeb is
> in order.  Care to fix?

This is not acceptable to me.  The -386 flavour in general must
support math emulation.  Now since the previous debian-installer
leader expressed his wish to keep the normal flavour identical to
the one used on debian-installer, it would not be possible to disable
math emulation.

Of course if the thinking is now that you do want a different kernel,
then I'd be happy to customise it the way you want.
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