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How should we handle translations in languagechooser?

[Denis Barbier]
> I am lost, could you tell me if debian/po/fr.po should contain
> French messages only, or should it be removed?

No wounder you are lost.  I am still experimenting on how
languagechooser should behave, and I am not yet satisfied with the way
translations should be handled.  I do not know if the translation
files are useful for languagechooser, or if they should be removed.

I do know that I want the following text available in all listed

  Choose this to proceed in <locale language> [(<locale country/region>)]

The resulting text should be included in en.po.

There might be other texts as well, but I do not know of any at the

I suspect it is best to set the language to 'en' before the question
is presented, to make sure everyone get their language text the same
way every time.  But for this to be usefull, cdebconf must be fixed to
handle long multiselect lists, and to change langauge when the
debconf/language template is set.  Then I can add

 db_set debconf/language en

at the start of languagechooser to get the above described behaviour.

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