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Re: Installation

[Sundaresh Venugopal]
> The installation over the net option for the debian O/S does
> not work.
> I tried to install the Debian O/S,over the internet,using a simple
> modem.I downloaded the installation instructions and the boot
> floopies, but the installation program did not provide the option
> for installing over the net.I doubt if it even recognised the
> modem,and it certainly did not configure for my ISP.

Did you try reading the documentation,
<URL:http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual>?  Did you
use the 3.0 Woody release, or some other version?

> So that leaves me no option but to buy the unnecessary package
> deal,on the free-market.  At least they openly claim that freedom
> comes for a price,that of responsibility, and do offer a certain
> WARRANTY on their products.

If this is what makes you happy, please get your software that way.

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