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Building d-i as a package


In order to get d-i built on various archs, etc. I propose to create a
package debian-installer.
(If this is documented somewhere else, a pointer would be gratefully
accepted, and uploaded to /doc)

The plan would be that debuild in ./debian-installer/build builds
debian-installer-$(ARCH)_$(VERSION)_all.deb, that puts the images and
associated documentation into a place suitable for an archive, 
eg. /var/www/debian/dists/$(DIST)/main/disks-$(ARCH)/$(VERSION)/..

Its an _all.deb so that all the images can be placed on a single server.

This mechanism allows the buildds to do the building for us, and
provides us a place to put the test builds; it also gives us all the
usual benefits of our package archive scheme.

In http://people.debian.org/~mckinstry/d-i/debian.tar there is the files
I propose to commit (further work needed, proof of concept for i386);
and an example debian-installer-i386_0.01_all.deb

Comments, suggestions, better ideas, anyone?

- Alastair

Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@computer.org>
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