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Re: build/Makefile

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 09:58:49PM +1000, Peter Hawkins wrote:
> Hi...
> Could someone please remove the two executions of depmod from
> build/Makefile? depmod does not work if the host kernel of the machine
> is different to the kernel being used for the installer. In particular,
> I can't build d-i on my machine with a 2.5 kernel.
> It is no longer needed as the kernel packages should contain a
> modules.dep instead.
> At least the i386 kernel udebs already do this, not sure about other archs.

I have received no response to this email. I have no idea to who I could
submit a patch... the CVS instructions provide a strict injunction not
to commit patches without authorisation (I'm assuming that all DDs can

What can I do?


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