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Re: boot problems with asus cuv266-d mainboard

In the BIOS setup, change MPS to 1.1 instead of 1.4.


On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, kpn wrote:

> Hello Linux-Support,
> I have several problems to install Linux on my computer. I have tested
> the distributions
> Debian Woody, Suse 8.1 and Knoppix 3.1 on my computer using any
> possibility of hardware
> configuration.
> Following I discribe all of my computer components:
> motherboard:
> ASUS CUV266-D DUAL Pentium III 1000 Mhz,
> chipset VIA Appollo Pro266 North Bridge VIA VT8633 South Bridge VIA VT8233
> memory:
> 512 MB DDR266
> graphic card:
> ASUS V8200 Pure GeForce 3
> sound card:
> Terratec DMX XFire 1024
> controller card:
> 1. Promise Ultra100 TX2
> 2. HighPoint Rocket133
> HDD:
> 1. 40 GB Seagate 340824A U100
> 2. 40 GB Seagate 340016A U133
> 3. 80 GB Maxtor 4R080L0  U133
> Zip:
> Iomega ZIP 250 MB
> CD-Burner:
> Sony CD-RW CRX175E2
> Pioneer DVD-116
> screen:
> EIZO F730, 19"
> Perhaps some hardware components are not supported by any of that
> distributions. I have
> searched on many internet pages and hardware data bases to solve my
> problem, but I still did not
> find any solution. I guess that my motherboard is not supported, because
> the tests with a
> minimum hardware configuration (motherboard, graphic card, 1.HDD,
> CD-Burner, no other cards
> or controller) fails also.
> Following I discribe the problems:
> Suse 8.1:
> There was no problem to install Linux from the bootable CD, but the
> system was not able to
> reboot from HDD after installation. It stops then it wants to detect my
> HDD or may be the
> IDE-Controller of the motherboard. (sorry, that I'm not able to give
> concret information I'm a total
> Linux-beginner and the Linux start up is very cryptical for me). I also
> tested several boot
> parameters like nodma, failsafe ... but without any effect the system
> stops. But I'm able to boot
> from CD to get access to the installed system as root in
> kde.(curious??!!??).
> Debian Woody:
> Here was also no problem to install Linux from bootable CD. The system
> reboots after installation
> properly, but with some failure messages with grahic card and/or screen
> detection. But I was able
> to get login as root so I started to find the problem in the system and
> a solution in the
> documentation of Debian Woody. But I was not able to install or
> configure Xfree86 or any of the
> windowmanager (xdm, gdm, kdm). So I got no GUI. That is the result of
> the installation with the
> compact kernel. All installations of the other kernels failed.
> Knoppix 3.1:
> The bootable CD starts and shows me the boot promt to enter any
> parameters, but whether I do
> so or not the system fades to black screen and stops, sometimes I see
> the Tux picture but
> nevertheless the system stops.
> Please give me any help.
> Whether my components are supported by any of your mentioned
> distribution (or higher versions)
> or any other distributions which I have not tested yet
> or which components are not supported.
> Please answer in german (preferential) or english.
> Yours sincerely
> André
> a.pn@snafu.de
> or
> k.pn@snafu.de
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