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Re: build/Makefile

ons 2003-04-16 klockan 16.01 skrev Bastian Blank:
> On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 09:58:49PM +1000, Peter Hawkins wrote:
> > It is no longer needed as the kernel packages should contain a
> > modules.dep instead.
> no, most of them don't include one, we don't have a policy for that.

But perhaps they *should*? To me that sounds better, I say we do want to
be able to build floppies for other kernel versions than the host

> > At least the i386 kernel udebs already do this, not sure about other archs.
> i386 is one of 11 archs, please don't do any assumptions about the other 10.

1. How many kernel image udebs are there?
2. He didn't. He said "not sure about other archs".

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