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Bug#187960: acknowledged by developer (Bug#187960: fixed in rootskel 0.25)

reopen 187960

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> From: Debian BTS [mailto:debbugs@master.debian.org] On Behalf 
>    * Petter Reinholdtsen
>        - Reorganize build rules to work around bug in fakeroot
>          on arm and m68k. (Closes: #187960)

You really should have used my patch, or read a bit more carefully.  The
way you rearranged things, the locales get built twice now, once during
"build" and once during "binary-arch", because in your version, binary-arch
depends on "build-locale", and has no way of knowing if it's been run.

Run "dpkg-buildpackage -B -us -us -rfakeroot" to see what I mean, if you
can't follow the make logic. :)

What did you have against building the locale in the "build" target?  It's
the only thing really being "built" at all, so it doesn't seem to make
sense to have its own target.  If you really want it to have its own
though, make it another stamp target.

... Adam

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