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Re: Building d-i as a package

Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> The plan would be that debuild in ./debian-installer/build builds
> debian-installer-$(ARCH)_$(VERSION)_all.deb, that puts the images and
> associated documentation into a place suitable for an archive, 
> eg. /var/www/debian/dists/$(DIST)/main/disks-$(ARCH)/$(VERSION)/..
That would be very cool. Judging from my limited experience with building, the
syslinux should be updated for proper building without root, though.
I have filed a whishlist bug in addition to the debian installer bug.
In the meantime I've built my own 2.02 packages and changed the build/Makefile
$(FLOPPY_IMAGE) target to something along the lines of
        # syslinux is used to make the floppy bootable.
        mcopy -i$(FLOPPY_IMAGE).new $(KERNEL) ::linux
        mcopy -i$(FLOPPY_IMAGE).new $(INITRD) ::initrd.gz
        todos < syslinux.cfg > $(TEMP)/syslinux.cfg
        mcopy -i$(FLOPPY_IMAGE).new $(TEMP)/syslinux.cfg ::syslinux.cfg

        syslinux $(SYSLINUX_OPTS) $(FLOPPY_IMAGE).new
If course, I'll happily post a patch for the whole deal (cleaning out user mount
hack etc.).



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