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"Official" netinst CD images -- feedback appreciated?


I just wanted to install another machine, and feeling fearless I 
tried the testing netinstall CD from
(the larger one), with date from Apr18.

Basically it did not work at all, even after some experimenting
I was unable to install my system using this image.

Is this the right place to give feedback?
Is there somewhere an explanation against which packages bugs 
should be filed[1]?

Or are these images in a known-bad state so that filing bugs is
not really a good idea?

/ralph -- I am not complaining, I just want to help in testing
          the installer, if that is any use. 

[1] Main problems were:

1) There is no ifconfig/route in busybox now, although the scripts
   obviously use it. I tried by hand, but was to stupid for the new
   syntax without having documentation. ip has no manpage ATM btw,
   which makes this situation worse still.

2) Modules for ne2k-pci would not load, even though it was identified
   correctly. Loading by hand helped.

3) Changing the keyboard to german quertz would not work, giving
   following errors (retyped) the first time:

   Failed to mount USB filesystem (r.a.: don't have USB) to activate
   USB keyboard.
   Will add USB keyboard option just in case.
   Can't tell if keyboard present; add no keyboard option.
   Configuring kbd-chooser failed

4) Installing the base system did not work giving some strange error
   (scrolling by much too fast). Will look up if of interest.

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