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Re: Making netinst CDs Not Suck

[Martin Sjögren]
>>> - decide a /cdrom/.disk/ file. anna_autoinst?
>> And what would contain this file ? a list of udebs ? a name of an
>> install scenario ?
> A list of udebs, sorry for being unclear. One udeb name per line.

I like this idea.  But I think the files should be named anna_include
and anna_exclude to be consistent with the base_include and
base_exclude files already used by base-installer.

The udebs listed in anna_include should be tagged for installation,
and the packages in anna_exclude should be untagged if they where
tagged for installation.

This will of course only work for CD installs.  Is there a way to get
similar behaviour for network installs?

Hm, perhaps 'anna' is a bad prefix for this?  udeb_include and
udeb_exclude might be better names.

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