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Re: Net image far too big

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 19:32, Karsten Merker wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 06:49:42PM +0100, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> > Maybe we could still do both. 
> > The first floppy acts as it does now (when slimmed).
> > If this doesn't work, eg USB case, then the second acts as an initrd
> > disk.
> > 
> > Hmm. Is there a syslinux hacker available? Imagine the following:
> > Boot from first floppy. With priority == high, etc. it does what
> > autodetect it can. Realises it can't find net, USB, (or maybe it can,
> > but realises it hasn't got the right modules). Time to go to the
> > two-disk solution.
> > So it restarts the kernel (hide kernel output behind some nice fb
> > graphics), this time _with_a_different_set_of_cmdline args.
> No problem with that, as long as we can still build one large image
> for non-i386 architectures. On several non-i386 systems there is 
> no bootloader like syslinux, lilo or grub, but the machine firmware
> itself boots the kernel image via network, so the ramdisk has to be 
> statically linked into the kernel image. This means we cannot just
> modify some bootloader arguments on the fly.
Yes. This thread is specifically about the net boot _floppy_.
There is a separate 'netboot' image, specifically for tftpboot 
situations, where a larger image (>1.44 MiB) is possible.

> Regards,
> Karsten
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