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Re: Network install from floppy - stuck :(

Il sab, 2003-04-12 alle 13:47, pjohn@blueyonder.co.uk ha scritto:
> Hi,
> hope you can help. I'm trying to install a Debian from floppy disk + network.
> When I get to the boot: prompt after booting from a rescue disk, entering 'network' doesn't do what I'd expected ('Could not find kernel image: network').
> If I step through the floppy install process instead, when I come to choose a network drive module, I get 'Device busy' errors (so I would guess the required network driver is already active). The install process prompts me to choose CD/hard disk/floppy installation (but not ftp/http/network).
> Any ideas?

I do not think such a "network" kernel image exists. I do suggest you to
read the installation manual to get more details on how to install from


To install from network you should start the normal installation (i.e.,
pressing RETURN at the boot prompt), format the disks, setup the network
interfaces and then download all packages from the network.


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