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mklibs -L


I was experimenting with d-i, trying to create a CD with slang cdebconf 

I first added cdebconf-slang-udeb to list of wanted udeb.
First I found that slang library udeb is not automatically installed info 
the tree (seems a dependency is missing).

So I added slang1a-utf8-udeb to the list.

Next I got errors from mklibs - it could not find slang lib:
Library not found: libslang.so.1-UTF8 in path: /lib/ : /usr/lib/ : 

To fix it, I had to add -L$(TREE)/lib:$(TREE)/usr/lib to mklibs call in 

Maybe this two "problems" should be fixed somehow?

Btw, couldn't somebody please help me to create the wanted CD?..

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