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debian-installer - final use of busybox-cvs

hi folks

we find some space problems with the i386 net floppies, so we decide to
build at least one extra busybox udeb for this images.

i'll implement this during the next weekend into the busybox-cvs package
and review the list of busybox applets at this time.

this introduces a few problems:
- we need to switch over to busybox-cvs-udeb.
- no busybox udeb gets autoinstalled by anna.
- busybox-cvs-udeb don't include ifconfig/route.

we may do the following things to fix this:
- drop busybox-udeb from the archive.
- set the priority of busybox-cvs-udeb to standard.
- set the priority of any other busybox-cvs udeb to something lower.
- change the priority handling of anna a little bit. it should be
  possible to have udebs which never get considered by anna.
- finish the iproute version of netcfg or include ifconfig/route in the

i currently intend to implement the following udebs:
- busybox-cvs-udeb: similar like the current, arch specific things like
  telnetd or modutils.
- busybox-cvs-udeb-net: minimal udeb for net images, only some archs
  need them.


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