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Re: How should we handle translations in languagechooser?

[Denis Barbier]
> Right, I now understand what you have in mind ;)

Good. :)

> About this very specific question, a simpler solution is to put localized
> sentences directly in languagelist, e.g.
>  English (Australia);en_AU;en;AU;;Choose this to proceed in English
>   (Australia)
> and replace 'cut -f1' by cut -f6' when generating debian/templates 

Adding the text to the language entry is probably a good idea, but
using it to generate the templates file is not.  I want the entry in
the templates file to be short, as it is used to look up the language
and locale info.  In addition, I'm told that gettext don't accept
non-ASCII characters in the original text, and suspect debconf might
have similar limitations.

I am toying with the idea of generating the languagelist and en.po
based on a set of XML files, one for each language.  It is not
impemented yet.

> Note also that German and Portuguese translations must be fixed, commas
> are forbidden in choices fields.

We need support for escaping commans in debconf.  I want "Foo\,bar,
baz" to show up as two entries in a selection list


What need to change to support this?  The debconf protocol, or just

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