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Re: How should we handle translations in languagechooser?

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 06:32:05PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Denis Barbier]
> > I am lost, could you tell me if debian/po/fr.po should contain
> > French messages only, or should it be removed?
> No wounder you are lost.  I am still experimenting on how
> languagechooser should behave, and I am not yet satisfied with the way
> translations should be handled.  I do not know if the translation
> files are useful for languagechooser, or if they should be removed.
> I do know that I want the following text available in all listed
> locales:
>   Choose this to proceed in <locale language> [(<locale country/region>)]
> The resulting text should be included in en.po.
> There might be other texts as well, but I do not know of any at the
> moment.
> I suspect it is best to set the language to 'en' before the question
> is presented, to make sure everyone get their language text the same
> way every time.  But for this to be usefull, cdebconf must be fixed to
> handle long multiselect lists, and to change langauge when the
> debconf/language template is set.  Then I can add
>  db_set debconf/language en
> at the start of languagechooser to get the above described behaviour.

Right, I now understand what you have in mind ;)
About this very specific question, a simpler solution is to put localized
sentences directly in languagelist, e.g.
 English (Australia);en_AU;en;AU;;Choose this to proceed in English (Australia)
and replace 'cut -f1' by cut -f6' when generating debian/templates 

Note also that German and Portuguese translations must be fixed, commas
are forbidden in choices fields.


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