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Re: installation attempt with latest netinst

>tor 2003-04-10 klockan 23.35 skrev Robert Vollmert:
>> The kernel booted flawlessly. Actually, hardware support didn't seem
>> to be a problem as far as we got.
>That sounds good. :)
>> The keyboard worked fine with English layout. Selecting the German
>> keymap didn't actually change the keymap. We tried both the PS/2 and
>> USB keyboard -- I don't really know how it is really connected, though
>> I'd guess PS/2. Not a big problem, though.
>Hmm, this is a bug that should be reported on kbd-chooser. I don't know
>what a German keyboard is supposed to look like, but picking Swedish
>keyboard works fine for me, so there must be a bug somewhere.

There is a known problem with the german keymap: working on it in console-keymaps-ps2.

As for the prompting of different types of kbd, On the cdrom install, we should
autoload the usb modules ASAP, which would allow us to autodetect whether a
USB keyboard is present or not.
Thenm we ccan remove the 'USB' option if it isn't.

(Minor bug: if we know the user isn't using a serial console, then drop the
"no keyboard" option -- they must have one to have got that far. This would
enable the whole question to go away,
as there might only be one option (PS2).
I'll include that in the next fix.

If we use a 2.5/2.6 kernel,  then we have full autodetect of
keyboards. (not proposing that we do so at this stage).

- Alastair

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