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RE: how to install debian....

Thanks Emile. But I dont get it..
1) How do I know if the machine has BIOS or not?
2) Where do I get floppy or cd to boot from? Is that
the Debian distribution CD you are talking about?
3) Even if I have the CD, how is machine going to know
about the CD or floppy? Is that something the BIOS can
4) Same question as Q3 above , about other peripherals
or cards etc..
5) If I boot from debian CD or floppy, when am I
supposed to make partitions etc? Cant do it using some
debian package after I have installed because it'll
erase/damage installation, and cant do it beforehand
because there's no OS to do that yet.

6) This is IMPORTANT and I've been losing sleep over
this... I intend to use a LARGE hard disk. The
partitioning guidelines in installation doc say that
If over 6GB, it'll give problems. What shall I do? I
want to make this a big machine, and I want to get a
BIG HDdrive, because they come cheaper (in cost-per-GB
terms) if I buy bigger sizes. e.g. if 20GB costs me
100 Units, 40GB is 165 Units and 80GB is just 270

7) What will happen to the disk space that I dont
partition/mount etc.. e.g. if I partition 20GB in 4
pieces of 5GB each and name them L M N (no name for
4th) and mount them as /lll, /mmm, /nnn (4th not
mounted) then what? did I just threw my money in
water? What exactly should I do in order to use the
extra surplus space?

8) In Windows, it's easy to see and understand the
partitions as they come to be represented as separate
drives (c: and d: for example) but what happens in
debian? Do I get two roots (/ directories) or what?
How exactly does it work? How to differenciate between
a simple directory and a directory that is actually a
separate partition/drive.

9) How to add another Hard Disk a)for a day or two
b)permanently and b.1)without partitioning or b.2)want
to partition it before/during adding.

9.1) How many hard disks can I have at most?


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On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 08:12:04AM +0100, Khedkar,
Sumit wrote:

> All the installation doc gives only the way how to
install debian on a
> machine that is already running. Will debian move
from that stage to
> becoming a complete OS? I never remember Microsoft
needs some other OS
> running for Windows to install!!!

Yes, it needs DOS ;-)

> Can anyone tell how to install debian on a machine
that has been just
> assembled?

Well, if your machine has a BIOS, you should be able
to boot it from
floppy or CD and start the installation from there.

The only requirement mentioned in the guides about for
existing computer
with an existing OS is to create the floppies, IIRC.
The target computer
doesn't need any OS; installation is even easier if
you don't have to
worry about overwriting it ;-)



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