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Bug#190340: debian-30r1-s390-binary-1.iso


Thanks for the quick reply. Bellow is the needed information. 

21:05:44.406 00000BC4 Hercules started; process-id=00000BC4
21:05:45.062 00000BC4 Hercules Version 2.17.1
21:05:45.062 00000BC4 (c)Copyright 1999-2003 by Roger Bowler, Jan
Jaeger, and others
21:05:45.062 00000BC4 Built on Feb  9 2003 at 21:08:24
21:05:45.062 00000BC4 Build information:
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   compiled for /root/hercules/i686_fthread
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   Modes: S/370 ESA/390 ESAME
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   Win32 (Windows) build
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   Windows CTCI-W32 support
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   Using fthreads instead of pthreads
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   HTTP Server support
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   No sqrtl support
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   No SIGABEND handler
21:05:45.062 00000BC4   National Language Support
21:05:45.109 00000BC4 Running on CYGWIN_NT-5.1 i686 1.3.20(0.73/3/2)
2003-02-08 12:10
21:05:46.406 00000BC4 TunTap32.dll v2.0.0.367;


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From: Matt Zimmerman [mailto:mdz@alcor.net] On Behalf Of Matt Zimmerman
Sent: ד 23 אפריל 2003 17:15
To: Yakov Dekel; 190340@bugs.debian.org
Subject: Re: Bug#190340: debian-30r1-s390-binary-1.iso

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 04:19:05PM +0300, Yakov Dekel wrote:

> Package: install
> Version: 3.0r1
> While installing from tape and having the CD over a network the
> seem to hang during seeting up util-linux, with no aparent activity. 
> [...]
> Platform is Hercules 390.

You should specify the version of Hercules you are using; it is entirely
possible that this is a Hercules bug.  In the, past, for example,
with floating point have broken math operations in Perl, and util-linux
install-info and update-alternatives.

 - mdz

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