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Bug#187822: kbd-choose: keymap list should be sorted

Package: kbd-chooser
Version: 0.017
Severity: wishlist

The list of PS/2 keymaps available is displayed in semi-random order.
The top three entries are

  [trq] Turkish
  [se-latin1] Swedish
  [slovene] Slovenian

This is not sorted alphabeticaly.  I think it should be.  If the
entires are rewritten to have the keyboard name first in the entry, it
would be possible to use keyboard shortcuts in the newt frontend,
pressing 's' to move to the first entry starting on 's'.  I suggest
renaming the entires like this:

  se-latin1 - Swedish
  slovene - Slovenian
  trq - Turkish

This way I could press 't' to move closer to the turkish keyboard.

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