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Re: Making netinst CDs Not Suck

[Martin Sjögren]
> Good idea.
> anna's algorithm would then be this.
> 1. Start with all packages in asklist, and an empty instlist.
> 2. Remove from asklist, all obviously broken packages (no package name,
> no filename, ...), all packages that are already installed, packages
> like rootskel and cdebconf that should never be upgraded, and kernel
> module packages that have the wrong version.
> 3. Move from asklist to instlist, the packages mentioned in
> udeb_include.
> 4. Move from asklist to instlist, all kernel module packages (since the
> ones left have the right version).
> 5. Move from instlist to asklist, the packages mentioned in
> udeb_exclude.
> 6. Resolve dependencies in instlist and move the necessary packages from
> asklist to instlist.

What will happen if a standard priority package A depends on virtual
package V, provided by both packages P, Q and R, and the P package is
listed in udeb_exclude?  I assume package A will end up in instlist,
but where will packages P, Q and R end up?

I would like packages Q and/or R in instlist, and package P in

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