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Re: Making netinst CDs Not Suck

tor 2003-03-27 klockan 20.26 skrev Raphael Hertzog:
> Le Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 11:05:44AM +0000, Alastair McKinstry écrivait:
> > > I don't know how to fix 2, but one idea I had for fixing 1 was to have
> > > overrides in the netinst CD building, so ethdetect and friends would be
> > > normally optional, but when put on a netinst CD, they'd be overridden to
> > > standard. buxy, however, didn't really like this and suggested a file on
> > > the CD-ROM with a list of packages to be installed automatically.
> >
> > Why didn't buxy like it?
> Because "overrides" are not supposed to change for each CD. An override
> file is distribued in /project/indices/ on the FTP server and it's used
> for all the CD set (normal, netinst, business card). Furthermore it's
> not meant to change depending on the architecture (like you suggest for
> the keymaps).


> So we'd better find something more general that resolve this problem
> instead of hacking something on top of standard package priority.
> I suggested that we put one more file in <cdrom>/.disk/ that would tell
> which scenario is best adapted for this CD (netinstall, CDROM install,
> ...). But the question is how to make that interact with d-i. Given the
> infrastructure it's not easy.
> I said that we might need to extend the concept of "retrievers" so that
> they are also able to retrieve some information like those "scenario
> hints" ...

The cvs version of anna now supports calling the retriever with a
'config' argument, and tries to load a list of udebs to automatically
install from /var/cache/anna/autoinst. Now we need:
- decide a /cdrom/.disk/ file. anna_autoinst?
- have cdrom-retriever copy or symlink this file (piece of cake)
- add stuff to debian-cd for creating reasonable files for the netinst
- file bugs on ftp.d.o to have the priority of the udebs changed to
optional so they aren't pulled in all the time.

Sounds reasonable? What did I forget?

Martin Sjögren
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