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Re: Building d-i as a package

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 00:35, Joey Hess wrote:
> Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> > In order to get d-i built on various archs, etc. I propose to create a
> > package debian-installer.
> > 
> > The plan would be that debuild in ./debian-installer/build builds
> > debian-installer-$(ARCH)_$(VERSION)_all.deb, that puts the images and
> > associated documentation into a place suitable for an archive, 
> > eg. /var/www/debian/dists/$(DIST)/main/disks-$(ARCH)/$(VERSION)/..
> It's not clear to me if you intend for the package to include the whole
> debian-installer source tree, or just the build directory. This is the
> kind of thing the build directory is there for, anyway. Note that
> debian-installer/build/debian/control currently calls the package
> build-installer, and the package has never been uploaded as such because
> it isn't really autobuildable yet. But that is the plan indeed.
Just the build directory.
I suspected that this is what people (eg you in particular) had in mind,
but couldn't find any references to it  (I haven't done an exhaustive
search of the debian-boot archives, but it should be in /doc when we're
finished, anyway).

It isn't autobuildable: I'm working ATM on a bug in the MIPS build that
puts the mklibs reducing process into an infinite loop, which I suspect
the buildd's may not like... but if you've no strong objections I'll
commit this patch to CVS (making sure it doesn't break your/Tollefs
daily upload process).

> It will really be up to the ftp team what form they want the images
> uploaded in. They may prefer a simple tarball that will be installed
> byhand. It will surely require either byhand processing or additional
> code on the ftp archive side of things, and it would be good if these
> builds could be fired off on a daily or weekly basis eventually without
> overloading the ftp maintainers.

Agreed; the ftp team get to decide how its laid out in the archive, and
when it goes in. But the package could give them feedback, and we need
autobuilding of the various archs soon for testing.

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