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Re: Net image far too big

Perhaps when all is said and done the only option is
to have several -i386 floppies generated from a common
build process. I know I've had to roll my own NFS boot
floppy and I spent hours, if no days, getting the set
of features I needed for my firewall installer all
squished into that kernel.

I don't see how you can possibly be everything to
everybody in 1440 and still win. And I can't see
going to 1680 for a general purpose floppy because
lots of those old boxes are now firewalls and various
other dedicated purpose boxes. They're useful and
it would become a pain in the butt to use linux for
them - it's hard enough to get *ONE* 1440 floppy to work
consistantly under a lot of those old BIOS's.

Wouldn't bother me much one way or the other: I 
roll my own installs these days, but I feel for those
poor SOB's out there who want to take those old
boxes in the corner and do something with them.

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