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Re: Making netinst CDs Not Suck

lör 2003-04-05 klockan 21.19 skrev Raphael Hertzog:
> Le Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 09:24:15PM +0200, Martin Sjögren écrivait:
> > The cvs version of anna now supports calling the retriever with a
> > 'config' argument, and tries to load a list of udebs to automatically
> > install from /var/cache/anna/autoinst. Now we need:
> How does that interact together ? calling the retriever with the config
> argument is expected to do what ? fill in /var/cache/anna/autoinst ?

Yes. For all I care, it can do other things too. :)

> > - decide a /cdrom/.disk/ file. anna_autoinst?
> And what would contain this file ? a list of udebs ? a name of an
> install scenario ?

A list of udebs, sorry for being unclear. One udeb name per line.

> > - add stuff to debian-cd for creating reasonable files for the netinst
> > CDs.
> That's easy if you tell me what to put in the files ;-)

For the businesscard iso:


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