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Re: Install report testing 26apr03 netinstall images

On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 07:59:14PM +0200, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> We appreciate the testing and reporting, but if you are going to do more
> tests later, please use the report template:
> http://people.debian.org/~pere/debian-installer/report-template.html

Did not know about that, I will use it from now on. Originally I
just wanted to install (not test) the netinstall images. The
webpage just says:

Official net install images for the "testing" release

    * Official "testing" images, built weekly, in two sizes
    * ("businesscard" = 40 MB, "netinst" = 80 MB). It is not possible to
    * use these images to install the stable release.

          The images are only intended for testing the new installer for
	  sarge. The installer is still under development, so the
	  installation may fail.

I think that this form should be mentioned there, as this netinstall
CD page is the natural place to stumble over these images.

> It's because mkswap isn't in busybox-udeb. You could install
> busybox-cvs-udeb to get it, but that's given us other problems before.
> These things are being resolved now, so this should be fixed within a
> week or so.

Is it hard to make CDs directly from cvs (is there some kind
of automatical build process or must the parts be assembled by

Is there some general explanation of the new installer architecture?


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