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Re: Install report testing 26apr03 netinstall images

mån 2003-04-28 klockan 09.04 skrev Ralph Aichinger:
> Official net install images for the "testing" release
>     * Official "testing" images, built weekly, in two sizes
>     * ("businesscard" = 40 MB, "netinst" = 80 MB). It is not possible to
>     * use these images to install the stable release.
>           The images are only intended for testing the new installer for
> 	  sarge. The installer is still under development, so the
> 	  installation may fail.
> I think that this form should be mentioned there, as this netinstall
> CD page is the natural place to stumble over these images.

Right you are. CCed to debian-www. Could you guys add something like

If you test the image and want to report the results, please use
<a href="http://people.debian.org/~pere/debian-installer/report-template.html";>this template</a>

to the text about the testing net install images on /CD/netinst/? Thanks.

> > It's because mkswap isn't in busybox-udeb. You could install
> > busybox-cvs-udeb to get it, but that's given us other problems before.
> > These things are being resolved now, so this should be fixed within a
> > week or so.
> Is it hard to make CDs directly from cvs (is there some kind
> of automatical build process or must the parts be assembled by
> hand)?

There are two build processes, really, first you have to produce the
floppy image that goes on the CD. That shouldn't be harder than checking
out the d-i cvs, going to the build directory and typing (as root)
  make TYPE=cdrom floppy_image
There's some user-mount-hack there that I don't know how well it works.
If you don't want to do this, you can use Tollef's daily builds at

Next, you use debian-cd to build the CDs. I don't really know anything
about this, so you'll have to talk to them about it.

> Is there some general explanation of the new installer architecture?

You can read the docs in http://cvs.debian.org/debian-installer/doc/ 
Some of it is out of date, but the general architecture still holds.

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