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Re: "Uploaders" suggestion

* Martin Sjögren <md9ms@mdstud.chalmers.se> [2003-04-21 15:34]:
> I think we should start trimming down the uploaders lists and decide who
> maintains what. There has to be some sort of head honcho (or head
> honchos) for the packages. While we can be more lax about NMU rules, I
> think we still need to start thinking about this. If you're doing a
> major change in a package, contact the package's head honcho about it,
> don't just commit it, add yourself to uploaders and upload.

My packages:

	partconf (the mkfstab part) <-- Martin pls remove me if you think

not official (no other are working on it):
	di-utils				<--- many other are listest here :)


Thorsten Sauter

				(Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?)

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