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Re: cdebconf always falling back to English?

[Denis Barbier]
> Hmmm, sending SIGUSR1 signal should allow this too.

Well, it doesn't.

> And you can append 'en' to LANGUAGE environment variable before
> running cdebconf.

I suspect this would override the selected choice every time cdebconf
is restarted (after a crash, or when the frontend change).

I believe the best long term goal is to rewrite cdebconf to handle
language and frontend changes on the fly.  It should just switch
language every time debconf/language is set, and switch frontend every
time debconf/frontend is set.  But I suspect this will require major
rewrite of cdebconf, and do not intend to wait for this to happen.

As for only displaying ASCII until the language is selected, I think
debian-installer should work in UTF-8 all the time.  Terminals unable
to handle this will just have to live with the pain.  I discussed this
with Martin earlier, and I believe we agreed on this.

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