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Re: Building d-i as a package

[Alastair McKinstry]
>> It's not clear to me if you intend for the package to include the whole
>> debian-installer source tree, or just the build directory.
> Just the build directory.

I believe I've seen some buildd maintainers complain about packages
requiring network access when building from source.  We might run into
problems with the buildd being unable to fetch the udebs.

And I am fairly sure the buildd is compiling as a normal user and not
root.  This will at the moment make it impossible to build the boot
floppies.  I suspect this package will fail to build on all platforms
until mtools/syslinux will work on an image instead of a loopback
mounted device.

On the other hand I like the idea of having the autobuilders test d-i.

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