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Re: d-i - Automated installs

* Petter Reinholdtsen 

| [debian@computerdatasafe.com.au]
| > This is a kickstart file I have used for Red Hat Linux 7.3.
| > 
| > Using this, I can install a RHL desktop on a Celeron (about) 900 in
| > under 15 minutes, with no interaction.
| I've been thinking how this chould be done in d-i.  I believe we need
| three things:
|   - All packages using debconf to store info and ask questions.
|   - A menu option to save the current debconf database to floppy as a
|     text file.  This could be used at the end of the install to save
|     all the answers used.
|   - A boot option should be available to point d-i to the file on the
|     floppy, and it should load all answers from there, and set
|     DEBCONF_PRIORITY=critical.

What if you need a non-default order in the main-menu?  Except for
that (and Martin's comment), this should work.

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