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Re: "Official" netinst CD images -- feedback appreciated?

sön 2003-04-20 klockan 11.17 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Good to see a test report again. :)

Have you tried debian-testing? ;)

> > 1) There is no ifconfig/route in busybox now, although the scripts
> >    obviously use it. I tried by hand, but was to stupid for the new
> >    syntax without having documentation. ip has no manpage ATM btw,
> >    which makes this situation worse still.
> This is a problem with source package netcfg or busybox, depending on
> your view. :)

The problem is that di-utils-mkswap depends on the damn busybox-cvs
package and the current netcfg conflicts with busybox-cvs. But since
anna doesn't handle conflicts, the system gets broken. It feels like a
horrible mistake to add that busybox-cvs dependency to di-utils-mkswap
without making sure that busybox-cvs works with the rest of d-i. A quick
fix would be to upload a new di-utils, leaving us with a broken mkswap
(like before). The long-term fix is to fix the damn busybox packages so
there are no damn conflicts.

We need to coordinate and communicate better, damn it.

Martin Sjögren
  sjogren@debian.org -- marvin@dum.chalmers.se
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