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Re: sid 12 Avril 2003 CD 1 iso is broken

Tony D'Amato wrote:

sid is the unstable debian tree, and there's really a good
reason why it's called unstable - if something breaks, you get
to keep the pieces. *grin*

I've been testing sid myself on my desktop for 4 months and I'm pretty satisfied so far... And it enables to use 2.5.x kernel without too much trouble...

Seriously, IMHO I wouldn't use it. Get a hold of the latest
stable (I think it's still 3.0r1) and once installed, point to
testing and install from there.

If you do that on a 2Ghz P4 without ACPI, DRI/ATI non free drivers, NTFS and other ATI video drivers stuffs you will
	1) Probably damage your laptop due to excessive heat,
2) Get nothing from you video card for TV and video projectors (BTW Xfree 3.X would help with ATI) 3) Cannot accees your NT files and I'm not prepared to switch away from XP for all the reasosn mentionned above. I seldom use XP and my desktop,

So, like it or not, to run linux on a laptop today, you need to be on the bleeding edge...

I understand sid is the right place for testing the new installer but putting a *totally* non working one in the ISO image instead of the good old stable/testing one + the sid packages makes no sense to me. I use the CD to avoid downloading 2.5 GB of files...

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