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Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/tools/netcfg/debian by sjogren

fre 2003-04-04 klockan 11.20 skrev Denis Barbier:
> On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 12:23:59PM -0700, Debian Boot CVS Master wrote:
> > Repository: debian-installer/tools/netcfg/debian
> > who:        sjogren
> > time:       Thu Apr  3 12:23:59 MST 2003
> > Log Message:
> >   change the debconf_ calls to my_debconf_, swap return 0/return 1 in _check_dhcp, add default.script for udhcpc
> These cdebconf macros are not used (and pretty useless), they should be
> removed when switching to libdebconfclient.

I don't think they're useless, I just haven't switched "my" udebs to
using them yet. This change in netcfg was on the iproute branch and was
made to mirror the situation on the main trunk.

Martin Sjögren
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