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Re: debian-installer - final use of busybox-cvs

tis 2003-04-01 klockan 22.43 skrev Bastian Blank:
> - change the priority handling of anna a little bit. it should be
>   possible to have udebs which never get considered by anna.

I'm already working on this, but I'm having some odd segfault bugs.

> i currently intend to implement the following udebs:
> - busybox-cvs-udeb: similar like the current, arch specific things like
>   telnetd or modutils.
> - busybox-cvs-udeb-net: minimal udeb for net images, only some archs
>   need them.

What about the cdrom144 target? I mean, the 2.88M image is all well and
good, but the net 1.44M isn't the only 1.44M image...

Martin Sjögren
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