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RE: how to install debian....

Am 10:24 2003-04-17 +0100 hat svk svk geschrieben:
>Thanks Emile. But I dont get it..
>1) How do I know if the machine has BIOS or not?

All Conputer have a BIOS.

>2) Where do I get floppy or cd to boot from? Is that
>the Debian distribution CD you are talking about?

I think, allnew mainboards are Configured to Boot in 
Sequence 'Floppy' -> 'CDROM' -> 'Harddisk' 

>3) Even if I have the CD, how is machine going to know
>about the CD or floppy? Is that something the BIOS can

Put it into yoourd CD-Drive and Boot your Machine

>4) Same question as Q3 above , about other peripherals
>or cards etc..


>5) If I boot from debian CD or floppy, when am I
>supposed to make partitions etc? Cant do it using some
>debian package after I have installed because it'll
>erase/damage installation, and cant do it beforehand
>because there's no OS to do that yet.


>6) This is IMPORTANT and I've been losing sleep over
>this... I intend to use a LARGE hard disk. The
>partitioning guidelines in installation doc say that
>If over 6GB, it'll give problems. What shall I do? I
>want to make this a big machine, and I want to get a
>BIG HDdrive, because they come cheaper (in cost-per-GB
>terms) if I buy bigger sizes. e.g. if 20GB costs me
>100 Units, 40GB is 165 Units and 80GB is just 270

I have no Problem to install a 250 GByte HD at a Clients 

>7) What will happen to the disk space that I dont
>partition/mount etc.. e.g. if I partition 20GB in 4
>pieces of 5GB each and name them L M N (no name for
>4th) and mount them as /lll, /mmm, /nnn (4th not
>mounted) then what? did I just threw my money in
>water? What exactly should I do in order to use the
>extra surplus space?

If you Boot your CD, partition the Harddisk like: 

hda1    pri     /               500 MByte       ext3
hda2    pri     swap            300 MByte       
hda3    pri     /tmp           2000 MByte       ext3
hda5    log     /usr           3000 MByte       ext3
hda6    log     /var           1000 MByte       ext3
hda7    log     /var/log        200 MByte       ext3
hda8    log     /home          the rest of HD   ext3

>8) In Windows, it's easy to see and understand the
>partitions as they come to be represented as separate
>drives (c: and d: for example) but what happens in
>debian? Do I get two roots (/ directories) or what?
>How exactly does it work? How to differenciate between
>a simple directory and a directory that is actually a
>separate partition/drive.

see in N° 7)

>9) How to add another Hard Disk a)for a day or two
>b)permanently and b.1)without partitioning or b.2)want
>to partition it before/during adding.

Can all be done with Linux

>9.1) How many hard disks can I have at most?

It depends on your mainboard, normaly 4 but ich you have 
RAID-On_Board, maybe more (I can have 4 ultra100 and 
8 ultra133 in Raid-5)



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