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Bug#188043: cdebconf-udeb: Unable to handle long multiselect lists

Package:  cdebconf-udeb
Version:  0.34
Severity: grave

When setting LANGUAGE=en with languagechooser, the multiselect list of
langauges to select is cut short, and the last few entries are empty.
This seem to be some fixed buffer problem.

Attached is a screenshot when using the text frontend.  Notice the
short option 36, and the missing options 37, 38 and 39.  Also notice
the segfault when cdebconf tries to display the main menu.

When using the newt frontend, the list do not appear at all.  I do not
know if cdebconf segfaults, as the screen is cleared before the main
menu is displayed.

Attachment: broken-multiselect.png
Description: Screenshot of broken text frontend

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