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Re: Chaos and Damnation!

fre 2003-04-04 klockan 18.27 skrev Anthony Towns:
>  Presumably top of the list is getting
> the netinst image down to size again [0], 

> [0] Although you might like to just declare the netinst image something
>     that you have to use PXELinux to boot -- and thus the size doesn't
>     matter much. Having internationalised CD images and netinst images
>     that are limited to 2.88MB, and an uninternationalised floppy image
>     that's limited to 1.44MB could be workable.

Well, the netinst _CDs_ don't use the net floppy image, but a lot of our
testers do use the floppy. To get the netinst CDs working decently
there's a whole other slew of things that need doing, but that I've
started working on.

Martin Sjögren
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