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Bug#187855: anna: segfaults when called for the second time

sön 2003-04-06 klockan 15.35 skrev Sebastian Ley:
> Package: anna
> Version: 0.026 (not installed)
> Severity: important
> When anna is called for the second time, it fails to load Packages.gz.
> Apparently it searches in a wrong directory and then segfaults:

As you can see if you look closely, it does load main/.../Packages.gz.
It always searches for local/.../Packages.gz too. As you noticed
yourself, it segfaults later on, and I'm afraid it might be a stack
corruption bug, based on this trace:

#0  0x4008defa in _int_malloc (av=0x40131cc0, bytes=1074994460)
    at malloc.c:3861
#1  0x4008e632 in _int_realloc (av=0x40131cc0, oldmem=0x804d270,
    bytes=1074994460) at malloc.c:4451
#2  0x4008d467 in __libc_realloc (oldmem=0x804d270, bytes=80)
    at malloc.c:3414
#3  0x0804a05e in list_to_choices (list=0x8067170, count=32)
    at util.c:260
#4  0x08049143 in choose_modules () at anna.c:153
#5  0x08049823 in main () at anna.c:287

The hunt is on!

Martin Sjögren
  sjogren@debian.org -- marvin@dum.chalmers.se
  GPG key: http://www.mdstud.chalmers.se/~md9ms/gpg.html
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