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Install report testing 26apr03 netinstall images

Hello everyone!

Here are my experiences from trying to install the 26apr03
netinstall testing images from

* CD boots fine.

* Selecting Language 'German' gives a segmentation fault,
  possibly because of the Euro? Selecting British English
  works fine.

  Retyped logs:

  language chooser: info: debian-installer/locale=de_DE@euro
  language chooser: info: debian-installer/language=de
  language chooser: info: debian-installer/country=DE

  Does not give much more information. 
  I tried to reproduce this a second time (after a reboot, but
  it did work then). Will look into this, sometimes my return
  key gets stuck, maybe it is connected with this.
  Will look into this.
* Selecting the german keyboard does not work either.
  Retyped messages:
  Segmentation fault
  kbd_chooser's postinst exited with status 35584
  installer[48]: Configuring 'kbd-cooser' failed with error
  code 254
  Will file a bug against kbd-chooser, if noone objects.
* Trying to use the current partitioning (4 primary partitions,
  1 for boot, 1 for /, 1 for swap, 1 unused) does not work.
  Neither does repartitioning manually. Complains about not
  having LVM modules, btw.

  Errors modulo some typing mistakes:

  Failed to create swap space on 
  please see tty3 or /var/log/messages for more information.
  [Press enter to continue]
  partconf's postinst exited with status 7680
  installer[82]: configuring 'partconf' failed with error code
  Automatic partitioning did work however.
  I will try to reproduce it and file a bug against partconf.
  This did work last week.
* Detecting the ethernet card did not work for me. 
  Configuring 'ethdetect' failed with error code 256

  Insmoding the module (ne2k-pci) however works fine.
  Same as last week, see Petter Reinholdtsen's reply
  to my posting last week.
* Configuring the network works fine now: I marked
  bug 189808 as done.
* Afterwards installation hung in trying to install gcc-3.2-base,
  which was not available. Errors did scroll by at this moment 
  much too fast, btw. Scrolling too fast across important error
  messages is a severe UI issue IMHO, especially if the normal
  menu comes up, as if everything had worked.

I stopped there.

I hope this is helpful. If it is and I've got enough time, I 
will repeat this with the next versions. I am really looking
forward to the new installation system.


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