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Please help !

Hello dear install-team, 

I have a problem with my installation (Debian 3.0) and although I read all the 
documentation, I couldnt find the answer. 

You are my last chance ! 

The problem is the following:

In my servers (Siemens, Prymergy L200) there are two SCSI-controllers, one is 
a Symbios , the other is an Adaptec 2840.

When I want to start, the Symbios controller is been found, and the Adaptec 
not. But, on the connected at the Adaptec controllers are the diskdrives. 
Either kernel bf24, vanilla, compact, pci ore anything else will load the 
modules for the controllers at boot.

And that is , where the problem is: I cannot install the System, as there are 
no drives to be seen by the installation system.

Also it is not possible to load the required module manually. The system 
refuses to load the module.

Okay, what did I do ? I made the driverdisks as described in the howtos. But, 
system refused to mount the floppy-drive (/dev/fd0)

Now, my suggested solution is, to create a install-kernel with 
Adaptec-controller built in.

Do you have another solution ? 

Maybe it is possible to create a rescuedisk with selfmade-kernel ???

Can you help me ?

If not, please transfer this mail to someone you know he can !

Thank you very much in advance !


Hans-J. Ullrich


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