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boot problems with asus cuv266-d mainboard

Hello Linux-Support,

I have several problems to install Linux on my computer. I have tested the distributions Debian Woody, Suse 8.1 and Knoppix 3.1 on my computer using any possibility of hardware
Following I discribe all of my computer components:
ASUS CUV266-D DUAL Pentium III 1000 Mhz,
chipset VIA Appollo Pro266 North Bridge VIA VT8633 South Bridge VIA VT8233
512 MB DDR266
graphic card:
ASUS V8200 Pure GeForce 3
sound card:
Terratec DMX XFire 1024
controller card:
1. Promise Ultra100 TX2
2. HighPoint Rocket133
1. 40 GB Seagate 340824A U100
2. 40 GB Seagate 340016A U133
3. 80 GB Maxtor 4R080L0  U133
Iomega ZIP 250 MB
Sony CD-RW CRX175E2
Pioneer DVD-116
EIZO F730, 19"

Perhaps some hardware components are not supported by any of that distributions. I have searched on many internet pages and hardware data bases to solve my problem, but I still did not find any solution. I guess that my motherboard is not supported, because the tests with a minimum hardware configuration (motherboard, graphic card, 1.HDD, CD-Burner, no other cards
or controller) fails also.

Following I discribe the problems:
Suse 8.1:
There was no problem to install Linux from the bootable CD, but the system was not able to reboot from HDD after installation. It stops then it wants to detect my HDD or may be the IDE-Controller of the motherboard. (sorry, that I'm not able to give concret information I'm a total Linux-beginner and the Linux start up is very cryptical for me). I also tested several boot parameters like nodma, failsafe ... but without any effect the system stops. But I'm able to boot from CD to get access to the installed system as root in kde.(curious??!!??).

Debian Woody:
Here was also no problem to install Linux from bootable CD. The system reboots after installation properly, but with some failure messages with grahic card and/or screen detection. But I was able to get login as root so I started to find the problem in the system and a solution in the documentation of Debian Woody. But I was not able to install or configure Xfree86 or any of the windowmanager (xdm, gdm, kdm). So I got no GUI. That is the result of the installation with the
compact kernel. All installations of the other kernels failed.

Knoppix 3.1:
The bootable CD starts and shows me the boot promt to enter any parameters, but whether I do so or not the system fades to black screen and stops, sometimes I see the Tux picture but
nevertheless the system stops.
Please give me any help. Whether my components are supported by any of your mentioned distribution (or higher versions)
or any other distributions which I have not tested yet
or which components are not supported.
Please answer in german (preferential) or english.

Yours sincerely

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