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Re: Building d-i as a package

Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> In order to get d-i built on various archs, etc. I propose to create a
> package debian-installer.
> The plan would be that debuild in ./debian-installer/build builds
> debian-installer-$(ARCH)_$(VERSION)_all.deb, that puts the images and
> associated documentation into a place suitable for an archive, 
> eg. /var/www/debian/dists/$(DIST)/main/disks-$(ARCH)/$(VERSION)/..

It's not clear to me if you intend for the package to include the whole
debian-installer source tree, or just the build directory. This is the
kind of thing the build directory is there for, anyway. Note that
debian-installer/build/debian/control currently calls the package
build-installer, and the package has never been uploaded as such because
it isn't really autobuildable yet. But that is the plan indeed.

It will really be up to the ftp team what form they want the images
uploaded in. They may prefer a simple tarball that will be installed
byhand. It will surely require either byhand processing or additional
code on the ftp archive side of things, and it would be good if these
builds could be fired off on a daily or weekly basis eventually without
overloading the ftp maintainers.

see shy jo

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