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Re: Please help !

Op di 22-04-2003, om 16:34 schreef Hans:
> Hello dear install-team, 
> I have a problem with my installation (Debian 3.0) and although I read all the 
> documentation, I couldnt find the answer. 
> You are my last chance ! 
> The problem is the following:
> In my servers (Siemens, Prymergy L200) there are two SCSI-controllers, one is 
> a Symbios , the other is an Adaptec 2840.

The Adaptec RAID-controller that's in the Primergy range of servers is,
AFAIK, only supported by a binary-only driver; this is unlike the models
with a Mylex-controller, which has been supported by vanilla Linux
kernels since a long time. You'll have to ask Siemens or Adaptec for
one, but I'm afraid they only provide drivers for RedHat, SuSE, and some
other distributions.

wouter at grep dot be
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