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HW detection done right?

I want to rewrite the hw detection modules.  There should probably be
two menu entries for this

 - one loading initial modules.  This should be done before anna, and
   load all the modules currently available on the boot floppy, based
   on short HW detection lists available on the floppy.

 - one loading all remaining modules, based on complete hw detection
   lists loaded by anna.  This must be done after anna fetched the
   kernel module udebs.

The current HW detection modules are cdrom-detect, disk-detect and

The code in cdrom-detect should be split in two scripts, one calling
discover and loading modules, and one mounting the CD.

The code in disk-detect should go away, as it will be identical to the
first part of cdrom-detect.

The code in ethdetect should be split in two, one part identical to
the part in cdrom-detect/disk-detect, and one part handling whaterer
extra ethdetect is doing at the moment (if there is anything else it
is doing).

I assume the full HW detection lists is to large for the boot
floppies, and that we want two versions of it, one short list with
ethernet, scsi and cdrom modules, and one large list with all the
known hardware.

The first HW detection chould happen just after the language is
selected, and the second should happen just after anna is finished.

As we need to rewrite these packages to support discover2, we might
just as well rewrite them properly.

Any comments?

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